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Internal Controls & Risk Management

In the current environment, companies of all sizes and industries are looking to reduce costs, optimize operational performance, and manage expenses. Internal audit is not immune to this need – in particular because many companies now face having to do more with fewer resources. At the same time, management should not have to sacrifice the quality of the internal audit function and its executive leadership to meet cost constraints.

Dan Gaffney & Associates has deep experience in internal audit, IT audit/security, risk management, and accounting procedures. We offer expertise across a range of internal control, financial reporting, compliance and risk management areas. Our core areas of service include:

  • Chief Audit Executive Services

  • Internal Audit & Internal Controls Advisory

  • IT Audit / Security and Internal Audit Project Assistance

Chief Audit Executive Services

At Dan Gaffney & Associates, we recognize that the role of the chief audit executive or internal audit director can vary depending on a company’s industry, objectives, size, and complexity. It is also often difficult to hire and retain top talent for the necessary role and, at smaller companies, the senior IA executive need not be a full-time equivalent.

Dan Gaffney understands the role of internal audit, the audit committee, and the board. We recognize that the senior audit executive is a key link to management, but that the role doesn't demand 40 hours a week at every company. We are uniquely positioned to offer highly experienced audit executives who can join your management team on a part-time, outsourced basis, at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and hiring a person of similar qualifications. Doing so can drive operational improvements and cost savings while improving financial reporting, internal audit quality and risk management. Where requested, we report directly to the board, preserving independence in the function.

We also provide short-term, interim internal audit leadership to companies in special circumstances, including during internal or independent investigations, planned mergers and divestitures, or when a former executive is no longer available. Our experience allows you to pay for exactly what your organization needs, reducing fees paid to other consulting firms for senior manager and partner time.

IT Audit /
Security and Internal Audit Project Assistance

Information technology has become a part of every organization’s key success drivers. The speed of change and the complexity of systems and applications requires that internal controls be constantly evaluated and improved.

By supplementing internal audit resources, we can improve audit coverage, IT audit capabilities and the maturity of information security.

  • Executing internal audits and IT audits in specific areas of the company or on an as-needed basis

  • Improving your internal audit and IT audit team’s knowledge and experience through hands-on partnering for audits

  • Ensuring compliance with corporate and IT governance and security practices for the organization

Internal audit, including a strong IT audit team helps management to ensure controls are in place and functioning to reduce risk.


In addition to the direct expertise of Dan Gaffney, we have provide access to resources on a short-term or temp to perm model.